Messaging Monday

by: Veit Irtenkauf

Meta is rolling out its subscription service. Should you pay?

February 28, 2023

If you are a brand, the short answer is Yes. You want to subscribe.

Chances are that your customers are trying to interact with you on Facebook. Not just publicly; in many countries, Facebook Messenger is the #1 messaging service, so your customers are there as well. They want to know that they are communicating with a you on Facebook and not some impersonator, since even if discouraged, Messenger conversations often are more sensitive.

When WhatsApp launched its verification process ("green checkmark"), the most urgent escalations I had to deal with were brands being denied the WhatsApp verification badge. Brand image and brand defense matter a lot to brands, hence they are willing to pay. Other benefits (such as access to support or more visibility across Facebook) to Meta's subscription matter as well, but verification is by far the most important aspect to the new subscription service.

Note that at this time the new Meta verification does not cover Instagram and is only available to users in Australia and New Zealand.

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